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Dayspring is one of the few ministries that welcome family mission trips.  We have seen the importance of families experiencing the mission field together.  A family mission trip allows younger children to experience missions with the security of traveling and working with their parents.   The whole family can experience a vacation with a purpose that will continue to impact their children for the rest of their lives.  Dayspring has hosted family mission trips with family members as young as 3 months old.  We give special prices to family members.

 Benefits of a family mission trip

  • Younger children can experience the mission field
  • Allows parents to fulfill the great commission and serve with their children
  • Follow up is done by the parents and the experience is reinforced and makes a greater impact on the participants lives
  • Family mission trips proceed at a slower pace and allow even the elderly to serve
  • Families can experience travel in a foreign country and new cultures at a reasonable price
  • Family mission trips transform the everyday Christian walk into a “hands on” life changing experience


Family trips can take place in several different locations in Mexico. We are aware of the current situation of increased violence in Mexico and all of our trips are in areas that are not experiencing the current problems. All of the family trips take place away from the trouble spots and all are in the interior of the country away from the problems at the border. In each of the areas that we host a family trip we have a constant presence of long-term missionaries that monitor the safety in the area. We have nice facilities in each of the family trip locations with family style housing in our comfortable dorms and rooms. All of our facilities are family friendly and have American style plumbing and electricity. Spring and Fall trips may take place at either our orphanage facility in northern Veracruz, or at our school. There the temperatures are comfortable, and the setting is rural. Ministry takes place in the various villages and missions that we have in each of the areas. Summer trips take place at our mountain facility where the temperatures are more moderate than our other locations. All of our family locations are within a few hours from the border.

Ministry with family groups is a variety of personal ministry, door-to-door ministry with our missionary staff, children’s ministry, and work projects. The trip ministry is planned around each group, their preferences, and the ages of children and the abilities of group members. Housing is in our facilities and meals are prepared by our staff and our native cooks. Transportation from our border facility near McAllen TX to the trip site is provided in ministry vans driven by experienced drivers.

Most family trips are seven nights. That includes the first and last night in our Texas facility. Prices for a seven-night trip are around $495.00 per person for the first two members of a family and $395.00 for each additional family. We only charge for the first five members of a family and children five and under are free with they come with two other paying family members. That price includes all meals, lodging and all transportation in Mexico. Transportation to our Texas facility from your home is not included. Everyone taking part in a family mission trip is required to have a valid passport or passport card.

How do we get started?

Join A Trip—Dayspring  hosts several family mission trips each year.  Your family may join any existing trip.  Every year we host a trip during the week between Christmas and New Years day, several during March and April for spring break, and during the summer. 

Host a trip—We can help your church put together it’s own trip with your friends and families.

Come as a single family—During the summer it is possible to come as a single family and work directly with our missionaries on the field.

Contact Dayspring today at 417-781-3211  or email us for more details and to start planning your family missions trip.

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