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Dennis is from Brewster, Kansas. He became a Christian in September 2004 and shortly after that started attending the Levant Community Church in Levant, Kansas. With some other people from the church, Dennis went on a week long Dayspring sponsored mission trip in December of 2004. He returned to Mexico as a part of the Dayspring Missionary Training (DMT) program, where he attended classes for 10 weeks in La Haciendita. He went on outreach for 8 weeks in the states of Veracruz & Oaxaca, and spent the summer helping with summer groups in Doctor Arroyo. After completion of the 7 month DMT program, he felt God calling him to continue working in Mexico. He continued with Dayspring as a full time missionary working on the staff of the DMT program for the next three years, mostly working on the website posting newsletters and pictures about the DMT classes.
     Elda is from a village called Paso de Piedras which is on a lake called Presa Chicayan near Panuco, Veracruz. Her father is a fisherman and a Pastor of several missions there and she has been a Christian most of her life. She also was a student in the DMT program.  Dennis and Elda were married in June of 2008 in El Higo, Veracruz. They served for some time as full time missionaries on La Isla Del Viejo Soyaltepec (Old Soyaltepec Island) in the state of Oaxaca, which is where they were living when their oldest child Katia was born.
     They now have three children – Katia, Valeria & Daniel. They oversee our southern churches in Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Hidalgo and work with the summer mission teams. Dennis also does most if the Facebook and web page entries for Dayspring.


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