Roger and Carolyn Tomlinson

Roger and Carolyn Tomlinson are the founders of Casa Dayspring at El Higo, Veracruz. Carolyn takes care of the state-side office work and travels to the Casa as often as possible. Roger is the main fund raiser for the Casa and helps oversee the construction work. He travels to the Casa at least once a month and brings any supplies and other items needed for the operation of the Casa.

David and Cristina

David and Cristina are the directors of the Casa. They have been with us since the very beginning and are the glue that holds everything together. They live full time at the house and are with the kids every day. Together they are Dad and Mom to the kids, which for most of the kids it is the first time they have ever had anyone that truly fills that roll. They run the home as a family, giving the kids the love and security they all need. David oversees all the construction at the facility and usually is out working with the workers. He also fills any other roll including teacher, transportation, and mechanic. Cristina handles all the office work and bookkeeping, works directly with social services in several different municipalities, oversees the school and teachers, helps with the cooking and hands out the discipline when needed. She is Mama Nina to the kids. 


Rosie has been our cook and housekeeper since almost the beginning of the Casa. She was with us in the old building in our tiny kitchen and continues with us now in our new building. 

Blanca Elena

My names is Blanca Elena Acuña García I am 32 years old. I have a degree on Pedagogy from centro veracruzano de educación superior in Tantoyuca Veracruz. I have been working at Casa Dayspring for Almost three years now. I teach elementary and middle school level, and my main classes are Spanish and History. I like sharing and using teaching strategies so the kids can have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop their abilities. I enjoy being at Casa Dayspring because everyone has a smile on their face always and this is a place where I can see and feel the love and faithfulness of God.


Hi! My name is Luis Alberto Hernandez Barron and I am 35 years old. I have been at Casa Dayspring since June 2021. I have a Teaching degree, and teach at Casa Dayspring, my main classes are middle and high schoolers, but I teach all the academic levels here at Casa.
I enjoy spending time with the kids and build friendships with them, try to give them the best advice for their future and just be there for them when they need to chat. I enjoy working at Casa Dayspring because I can see God working on the hearts and lives of these children, as well as my life. It is an amazing experience to be able to serve others. 


My name is Alondra Morales Zavala, I am 28 years old and I have been working at Casa Dayspring since January 2023. I usually work with the younger kids, but I also teach cience, biology and ethics to the older groups . I like spending time with all the kids because not only they learn from me, but I learn a lot from them, from their resilience, and their ability to smile through the storms. I am thankful and happy to be in this place, which is not only my job, but my home away from home.

Our Construction Team

Jaciel, René, and Alfonso are our full time construction workers. Building is constantly going on with the needs for more room as our family continues to grow. Currently they are working on the second story on the main building to give us more bedrooms and classrooms for vocational training for the children.

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