There are many ways to support the ministry of Dayspring. Below is a list of current projects and needs:

Children’s Home School sponsorship program

Support a child at the orphanage cost ($30.00 per child)
School expenses at the Casa

We have four full-time teachers to teach the students that cannot attend public school and to function as tutors for all the kids.

Supplies for the classes and students at the house.
Primary and Secondary School Expenses ($60.00 per month) We currently have 18 children at this level Co
College Expenses (100.00 per month) We currently have 1 child at that level with two more starting in the fall of
Sponsor a native Missionary. Our native missionaries work on the island and help plant new churches.


Build a Mission Church in an unreached area (Cost around $20,000)
Church Sound and musical equipment
New van for the ministry (We are looking for used E350 Ford vans with low mileage.)

Humanitarian Projects

Food and Feeding Program help. ($25.00 helps us provide food for a hungry family)
Children’s Christmas (Starting in August we begin gathering toys and candy for the Christmas program.) We
provide Christmas to over 1000 children in some of the poorest areas we minister in.
Pastors Emergency Fund. ( a $25.00 donation to this program helps us provide needed emergency medical help
to our pastors and their families)

Monthly Partners

Your monthly gift to the ministry helps us support all of the work including our Children’s home in El Higo, Veracruz, Evangelistic programs, Pastoral training, and planting new churches where there are no churches.


Happy Volunteers

China Carbajal

Javier Carbajal

Areli Peña

Dale and Wendy Achey

David and Cristina

Dennis and Elda Kramer

Esli Peña

Honoria Carbajal

Roger and Carolyn Tomlinson

Tim and Whitney Thetge

Yared Peña

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